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Evan Roberts

By Barnabas Harper

While in his mid-twenties, Evan Roberts stirred the nation of Wales, leading one of history's greatest revivals. As a youth working in the coal mines, he often cried to God for a divine visitation. Yielding to the call to ministry, he crossed the nation fanning the flames of revival.

Roberts' preached very little and when he did, the message was simple. "Bend us," he cried again and again. God answered his prayer as nearly one in twenty of the Welsh population were converted in less than a year.

Entire districts were changed by this powerful revival. Courts were dismissed because there were no crimes to prosecute and the practice of evil was greatly diminished.

Barnabas Harper, a native son of Wales, brings the revivalist to life and takes you back to the great revival with his interesting, inspiring and informative biography.

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