Doc Martin's 2023 Itinerary



-------- January 2023 --------

January 3-5

Attend Acts 6:4 Conference

Texarkana, TX

January 23

Soft Launch

Assemblies of God Global Prayer Center

Springfield, MO

-------- February 2023 --------

February 5-10

First Assembly of God

Bixby, OK

David Dillon, Pastor

February 19

First Assembly of God

Elgin, OK

Larry Thoma, Pastor

February 26

First Assembly of God

Greenville, TX

Brent Grissom, Pastor

-------- March 2023 --------

March 5

Praise International Assembly of God

Tulsa OK

James Abraham, Pastor

March 12

New Covenant, PCG

Bakersfield, CA

Doyle Hawkins, Pastor

March 13-14

SoCal Pentecostal Church of God

District Convention

Victorville, CA

Mark Roberts, Bishop

February 26


Burkburnett, TX

Bobby Scott, Pastor

-------- April 2023 --------

April 2

Family Revival Center

Foley, AL

Tommy Howard, Pastor

April 6-9

Attended FWC Campmeeting

Baton Rouge, LA

April 19

Grand Assembly

Chickasha, OK

Kevin Quinones, Pastor

April 24-25

Attend Oklahoma AG District Council


-------- May 2023 --------

May 4-6

Harvest Revival Crusade


May 11-14

Harvest Revival Crusade

Sri Lanka

May 24-25

Attend AG Evangelist's Summitt

Springfield, MO

May 28, 2023

The Lighthouse

Wynne, AR

Jenny Douglas, Pastor

-------- June 2023 --------

June 2-4

The Way of the Cross Church

Kensett, AR

Russell Merriman, Pastor

June 21-24

Amsterdam 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

-------- July 2023 ---------

July 9

Chapel of the Hills AG

Centerville, TX

Gary Stutz , Pastor

July 15-16

First Assembly of God

Marlow, OK

Elwyn Rogers, Pastor

July 19

Bethel Church


Duncan, OK

Ron Meador, Pastor

-------- August 2023 --------

August 6

Montague Holiness Church

Montague, TX

Billy Clayburn, Pastor

August 27

Assembly of God

Velma, OK

Travis Stewart, Pastor

-------- September 2023 --------

September 10

First Assembly of God

Elgin, OK

Larry Thoma, Pastor

September 21-23

ACE Conference

Kristiansand, Norway

September 24

Stavanger , Norway

------- October 2023 --------

October 8

NewSong Church of God

Chickasha, OK

Chuck Davis, Pastor

October 16-20

Harvest Revival Crusade

Bora de Corda, Brazil

October 23-28

Harvest Revival Crusade

Bacabal, Brazil

-------- November 2023 --------

November 11

Annual Missions Dinner

Stephens County Fairgrounds, Duncan, OK

November 26

Lighthouse Church

Burkburnett, TX

Bobby Scott, Pastor

-------- December 2023 --------

December 3

Calvary Assembly of God

Lawton, OK

Byron Elmore, Pastor

December 11

First Assembly of God

Woodward, OK

Brad Smith, Pastor

December 31

Brazos Valley Family Worship Center

Bryan, TX

Jaunita Witham, Pastor

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