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December 31, 2021 - Adios 2021

We had Christmas lunch with my brother Danny, his wife Anita and some of Anita's family. Mostly we had a quiet Christmas and a quiet end to a tumultuous 2021. Peace on earth!

December 23, 2021 - The Martin Revival Team

Just before Christmas we got together with the Martin Revival Team. We started out on the road together more than fifty years ago but hadn't been together in nearly ten years. Now we were together for Jimmy Gill's seventy-fifth birthday. The Durhams and Reeds joined us for the best catfish on the planet--Bill's!

My how time flies.

December 13, 2021 - Preach the Word

Our last preaching appointment of the year was at Brazos Valley Worship Center. We were blessed to ordain Pastor Juanita Withem and Associate Pastor Danny Stone to Christian ministry. It was a blessed day with our friends.

December 6, 2021 - Harvest Revival Crusade Ethiopia

We have never had a more challenging campaign than our meeting in Jinka, Ethiopia. It seemed all hell was against us. The country was melting down in civil war and our state department told us not to go. I had to cancel the team that was going to accompany me. It was too risky. When we arrived the area did not seem ready for revival. The first night was the smallest crowd we have ever seen in a campaign. But, thank God, by week's end God had given us a breakthrough. I am thankful for Per Akvist, Daniel Essayas and all the Joshua Campaign that does the behind the scenes work to make a crusade successful.

I had one extra day in Jinka before flying to Addis Ababa and I took advantage of the opportunity to visit a village of totally uncivilized people. It was quite an experience. On the way back, our vehicle broke down and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere with no transportation and no cell service. A commercial bus came by and we hitched a ride to town with the indigenous people. As I said, it was quite an experience.

November 26, 2021 - North to Alaska

We always enjoy a trip to Alaska. Our revival at Wasilla was especially enjoyable and particularly cold! God moved every night with good Holy Ghost fire.

Pastor Milton Michener was so especially kind to us. Not only did he host us will in Wasilla, but he took us on an outing through the beautiful state. We had a very clear day to see Mount Denali.

After the revival we flew to Fairbanks for a few days of R and R. Actually, we made the trip hoping to see the Northern Lights. We saw some frigid temperatures--the lowest of our lifetime. God gave us a wonderful display in the heavenlies.

We rode the Alaska Train back to Anchorage to bring our adventure to an end. It was difficult saying good-bye to the frozen tundra, but warm Oklahoma was a real treat.

November 8, 2021 - Another Opportunity

We returned to Arkansas on November 5 for a weekend revival in Kennsett at Way of Cross Church. What a time we had. Thank you Pastor Russell Merriman for being such a wonderful host.

October 25, 2021 - The Land of Opportunity

Bishop Phil Redding invited us to attend the Convention of the Arkansas District Pentecostal Church of God and we are so glad we did. It was wonderful to fellowship with some long-time friends and make some new ones.

After the convention we were at Lighthouse Church in Vandale, Arkansas. Pastor Jenny Douglas is doing a great job with this relatively new church plant. It is always a pleasure to be in Vandale.

October 18, 2021 - Familiar Territory

Returning from Pakistan, we drove to Magnolia, Texas to be with Pastor Mike and Joan Colston at Living Waters. We thank God for these anointed pastors and their gracious church.

October 14, 2021 - Harvest Revival Crusade - Pakistan

What an incredible time we had in Pakistan. Our host, Jabran Inayat, was so gracious to us. We had a better welcome than we could ever have imagined and more than 5,000 came to Christ. Thank you for supporting us and sending us to this great nation.

October 3, 2021 - On a Journey

On October 3rd, we were with Pastor Scott Meador and his wonderful people at Journey Church in Denton, TX. Scott is the son of our pastor in Duncan. It is always a joy to be at Journey.

September 12, 2022 - MissionsDinner

On September 11 we had our annual missions dinner in Duncan. We had a great crowd and raised a great offering for our Harvest Revival Crusades. We are grateful to everyone who came and participated but we are especially thankful for those who worked, cooked, cleaned up, etc.

September 6, 2021 - Old Folks

The first week of September we attended the Senior Adult Seminar sponsored by the Assemblies of God. We were a few days in beautiful Branson, Missouri but the highlight was connecting with some many "old" friends. I guess we are certifiably old. Well, at least I am. Lynda is forever young.

August 16, 2021 - Out and About

On August 8 (my 69th birthday) I was in Springfield, Missouri and preached at Passion Assembly of God. The church has three Sunday morning services and I drove home that night. It made for a long day and not too bad for an old guy The highlight of the trip was spending time with Glenn Gohr who attends the church. Glenn is a dear friend and an invaluable help with my research into Pentecostal Origins.

August 15 we were back at Brazos Valley Family Worship Center in Bryan, TX. There was a sweet presence of the Lord in the service. This church is very faithful to support our Harvest Revival Crusades every month.

The church has a very nice apartment for evangelists and we are blessed to enjoy it for a few days. Lynda has doctor appointments in Houston and I am working on Pentecostal Gold, web updates, books and the multitude of things that always keep me busy--or at least keep me looking busy.

July 30, 2021 - West Africa

We have been looking forward to a missionary journey ever since COVID shut us down. Our first trip out of the country was to Tema, Ghana, West Africa. We had a wonderful conference and saw a number of people receive the baptism in the Holy Ghost. This was our first trip to Ghana and it was good to see what God is doing there. Africa is on fire for the glory of God!

July 5, 2021 - Five Years and Still in Love

From Casey we drove to Nashville to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We were engaged in Nashville and love to return. It was a blessing to be joined by my brother Danny and his wife Anita. We visited the Grand Ole Opry, The General Jackson Riverboat and of course the world's greatest fireworks display. One evening we made connection and had dinner with Marvin and Gracie Wilson. Marvin was saved under our ministry almost fifty years ago and continues to sing and preach the gospel. We were also blessed to see Lindell Cooley at Grace Church on Sunday morning.

July 1, 2021 - The Little Town with Big Things

Every year we look forward to going to Casey, Illinois to be in revival at Word of Life church. Pastor Ken Wade was another of my students at BRSM. No one on earth shows us more hospitality than the Wades. We always look forward to gaining a few pounds in Casey. Jason Blanchard does an excellent job of taking us to the Lord in worship. WOL is another church that supports our campaigns on a monthly basis. Thank you.

On the way to Casey we stopped in St Louis to spend a day with my son and grandson. As hard as it is to believe, Matthew graduated from High School this year. I am so proud of him. I wasn't able to make the graduation so we met in St Louis, had lunch at Dave and Busters and visited the aquarium. It was a great day.

June 25, 2021 - Revivals and Reunions

During June we had three Wednesday nights and a Sunday morning at BethesdaAssembly of God in OKC. It had been nearly 50 years since I preached at the church. Back then, it was Southwest AG and my mentor Pastor Cecil Brown led the church. Today Craig Dacus and a great staff are leading this powerful church. On Wednesday nights I taught on Pentecostal origins. People were filled with the Holy Spirit in every service. It was a bit of heaven on earth.

While doing the mid-weeks in OKC we made a quick trip to Alabama. Church of His Presence was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Brownsville Revival. It was so good to see Pastor Kilpatrick, Lindell Cooley and so many of our friends. I gave Brother Kilpatrick a painting of the Azusa Street Revival as a embraceof the great revivals.

On Sunday we preached at Family Revival Center in Foley, AL. When we lived in Pensacola we attended FRC whenever we could. Pastors Tommy and Samantha Howard are great supporters of our Harvest Revival Crusades. Tommy was one of my students at BRSM.

June 8, 2021 - Calling All Evangelists

The first week of June, Lynda and I drove to Orlando to attend the Assemblies of God Evangelists meeting. It was great to meet a number of the other workers in the vineyard. I appreciate our General Superintendent Doug Clay and Tim Enloe who leads the evangelist's department for the AG. Special recognition was given to Marilyn Hickey and the widow of Reinhard Bonnke for their lifetime of evangelistic work.

After the meeting, we stopped in Jacksonville to minister at Wayside Assembly of God. Pastor Wade Mask is doing a great job leading this fine church.

May 23, 2021 - Go East Young Man

I had a wonderful week at Abundant Life Ministries in Pulaski, Virginia. Pastors Randy and Bonna Lawrence were such great hosts. Folks were saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and blessed. It was a great time!


May 14, 2021 - Something New

Today was the deadline for my new book and PTL I got it off to the publisher. I have been pretty consumed with this for three months. The book is a biography of Charles F Parham, the father of the modern Pentecostal movement. I have self-published all of my books and this is the first I have written and submitted to a publisher. I am very excited that Whitaker, one of the largest Christian publishers in the US has taken the book. They will release the book sometime in 2022.

I have been collecting material on this book for twenty years, but didn't know if I would ever write it. Early this year Dale Gentry, a dear friend and a phophet, send me a word and said, "Larry, the Lord says finsish what you started." I was a bit ambivilent at first since I have started a lot of things but after I prayed into the prophecy I felt I was to finish this book. I sent a chapter to Evangelist Tim Enloe and he encouraged me to finish the book. Tim put me in touch with Whitaker and the rest is history--it is literally history!

May 10, 2021 - Tapes, tapes and more tapes

I don't always talk about it, but I work on Pentecostal Gold every day. I try to post at least one sermon every day. Since January 1 I have been trying to add a new preacher every Sunday. I am very thankful for everyone that helps me build the site. Over the past few weeks, I have received boxes of tapes from Harvey Wampler, Cordell Hines and Bill Moore. God bless you guys.

May 2, 2021 - Close to Home

Lynda and I have been blessed to preach in Oklahoma the past four Sundays. We were at our home church, Bethel in Duncan; Northide in McAlester; First Assembly in Elgin; and First Assembly in Marlow. We thank God for each of these open doors and for the lives that were changed and the people who were blessed.

April 27, 2021 - Flying saucers or flying debris

We are so thankful for those who cover us in prayer. We had a close call heading to OKC for District Council this morning. We were behind a pickup truck and trailer full of junk. A metal bucket full of debris came off the trailer and something hit our windshield. Fortunately it hit where the mirror was and didn't come through. Thank you for your prayers.

We had a great time at District Council. Our Superintendent retired and we elected a new leader, Daryl Wootton. I look forward to serving him in this great district. Lynda and I set up our table and met a lot of great people. We are so glad to be home in Oklahoma.

April 24, 2021 - Dig a Little Deeper

I took a hurried research trip to gather information for my new book. I visited the Apostolic Archives in Joplin; Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center in Springfield; Apostolic Faith Bible College in Baxter Springs, Kansas; and, the Holy Spirit Research Center at Oral Roberts University. It was great to connect with old friends and make some new friends.

While I was close to Springfield, I wanted to visit my friends at Landmark Christian Center in Stafford, Missouri. When they found out I was coming Pastor Justin Graves invited me to preach. We had a great service at the great church and wonderful time of fellowship with our dear freinds Wayne and Janet Neal and Jimmy and Debbie Groves.

April 4, 2021 - Baton Rouge

We had a great Easter at Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge. Brother Swaggart is still my favorite preacher.

March 30, 2021 - Tejas

We were back in Brazos Valley Family Worship Center on March 28. BVFWC is one of the faithful churches that support our Harvest Crusade Revivals with a monthly pledge. We are always glad to be with Pastor Juanita Withem and her church family.

While in the area we dropped in on Albert and Rebecca Cortez, pastors at Family Life Assembly of God in Katy. FLAG is another church that supports our missions wor. We are so thankful for our missions partners.

March 12, 2021 - Long days, big projects

For several weeks now I have been working on a new book. I will tell you more about it later. Anyway, I have been very hard at it. While I am researching and writing I ususally have a tape recording for Pentecostal Gold. One day I lost track of time and when I checked the tape it had been playing for 7 hours. I realized I had not been out of my desk chair for seven hours. I'm getting too old for this.

March 7, 2021 - Where It All Started

Lynda and I were in Topeka, Kansas and preached at Harvest Family Center. This is a Four Sqare Church pastored by special friends Reye and Alice Rodriguez. Already in 2021 I have preached at an Elim Church, a Four Square Church and a Church of God. The Lord has a big family.

I did some research at the Topeka State Historical Society and Lynda and I visited the site of the Stone's Mansion where the Holy Spirit revival began in 1901. The building burned later that year and no one knew that anything was left of the building. A Catholic institution now stands on the property. Lee Defendorf discovered another house was built over the original basement of Stone's Folly. He was kind enough to let us in the basement and gave us a tour. Thank you, Lee.

I also took Lynda to see the original building for Charles Parham's Bethel Healing Home in downtown Topeka.

February 28, 2021 - Newsong

We preached at New Song Church of God in Chickasha, OK today. The pastor is Chuck Davis. Chuck's parents attended the church we pastored in Comanche when he was a teenager. Chuck's dad was one fine donut maker.

February 20, 2021 - Turn up the thermostat!

Brrrrr! It has been cold in Oklahoma! We have had record tempatures and record snow. It wa beautiful. Our backyard looked like a winter wonderland. I am working on a new book and it was great to look out my office window to this lovely scene.

February 8, 2021 - Far away but still at home.

On Sunday February 7 I preached at the Wembledon Elim Pentecostal Church in London. Well, I preached in my living room, but the video was shown in London. One of my students, Jon Featherstone is the pastor of this great church.

January 31, 2021 - Another soldier goes home.

January was an exceptionally quiet month for us. We had no scheduled services, but I worked on Pentecostal Gold and other ministry projects.

One of my greatest heroes of the faith, Evangelist Charles Ogdon, passed in late December and was buried on January 4. Brother Ogdon held a 3 week revival in Comanche in 1967 that forever changed my life. I believe he was the greatest "church" evangelist that ever lived.

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